We have a

  1. Facilitate people to think, share, re-think and capitalize about what they are doing, and how it may improve all Tigreans’ wellbeing, progress, productivity and then prosperity.
  2. Establish and empower institutions of center of excellence; that boost the introduction of science and technology; make valuable contribution in local development activities; promote in research and project activities that generate income for the social security of each Tigrean and enhance societal development; and strengthen the level and spirit of collaboration and cooperation for every Tigrean at every level.
  3. Recognition and Valorization of Skills, Competences and Knowledge of Tigreans in the global academical and non-academical levels
  4. Designing and Promoting social inclusion and scientific decision making projects /Programs/strategies in Tigray and beyond
  5. Encourage the integration and expansion of best practices in all Political, Economical, Socio-cultural, Technological, Legal and Environmental concerns of All Tigreans at different levels
  6. Empowerment and Establishment of Visionary and Unified Tigrean community oriented Institutions and Systems (OTNAA Research, Leadership, Development and Communication Institutions and other Capacity strengthening foundations etc )
  7. Push Tigray Political powers to put the Tigray community at the center without any political opinion’s discrimination for its matters of Societal and Economical interest and power of decision-making process on its matters.
  8. Peaceful Diplomatic Fight for any conflicting issues of nations and nationalities to have a Small majority Veto Power and be equally represented in any concerns of regional, national, continental or global structures and concerns
  9. Tackle legal or illegal Brain Drainage from the region and Reverse it in to Brain Gain

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OTNAA is organizational network of Tigrians from all over the world.

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